Command Line InterfaceΒΆ


The command line interface is very limited in functionality, and it will change in the next major version.

This message can be found with monitorcontrol --help.

usage: monitorcontrol [-h] [--verbose]
                      (--set-luminance SET_LUMINANCE | --get-luminance | --get-power-mode | --set-power-mode {on,standby,suspend,off_soft,off_hard} | --version | --get-input-source | --set-input-source {ANALOG1,ANALOG2,DVI1,DVI2,COMPOSITE1,COMPOSITE2,SVIDEO1,SVIDEO2,TUNER1,TUNER2,TUNER3,CMPONENT1,CMPONENT2,CMPONENT3,DP1,DP2,HDMI1,HDMI2} | --get-monitors)
                      [--monitor MONITOR]

Monitor controls using MCCS over DDC-CI.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --verbose, -v         Increase logging verbosity.
  --set-luminance SET_LUMINANCE
                        Set the lumianance of all monitors.
  --get-luminance       Get the lumianance of the first monitor.
  --get-power-mode      Get the power mode of the first monitor.
  --set-power-mode {on,standby,suspend,off_soft,off_hard}
                        Set the power mode of all monitors.
  --version             Show the version and exit.
  --get-input-source    Get the input source of each monitor.
                        Set the input source of all monitors.
  --get-monitors        Get the monitors.

Optional monitor select:
  --monitor MONITOR     Select monitor for command. Default: getters use
                        monitor 1. Setters use all monitors.